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Care Canada enterprise established in 2001, decided in year 2003 to include a division of Clothing, Fashion and Cosmetics to its entity of business. Our company imports directly from Pakistan, India and other South Asian countries. We also import from other retail unstitched clothing, stitched cloths, garments, embroidery stuff, special occasion wears, wedding dresses, and fashion accessory.

Our mission: To enhance your overall look through the highest quality hair and beauty services.

Our competitive price: Our philosophy is to endorse progressive hair cutting, colouring, and style at reasonable and affordable rates.

Our Guarantee: We strive to serve to your beauty expectations in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Services: Hair and Nail Salon: Includes Hair cut for $10.00 and $8.00 for children

Whitening and Brightening facial $60
Full facial $50
Hot mask facial for dry skin $70
Deep acne clean $50
Basic facial $35

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